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Pumping Detergents

Typical end uses for our pumps are to inject detergent or rinse aid into the wash or rinse tanks of washing machines, whether they are glass washing machines in bars and restaurants, commercial dishwashing machines, all the way up to large industrial state-of-the-art crate, tray, bin, and trolley washing machines. Other types of systems where the Williamson Manufacturing Company Ltd has detergent dosing expertise include dairy systems to control and sanitize pasteurisation equipment, CIP systems, and in other industries as diverse as bed-pan washing machines and also detergent based skin care products and shampoo dosing into patient washing machines for disabled patients in care homes and hospitals.

In all these applications accurate dose control and reliability are critical. Too little detergent and poor cleaning quality is the result, whilst too much detergent can lead to excessive foaming, increased material costs, and inefficient machine operation. With this in mind Williamson Pumps have developed a complete range of dosing systems which offer a full range of flow rates, programmable dosing, on-demand dosing, and timed dosing options, various power supplies from 6v DC to 415vAC and compressed air driven pumps.

A critical factor in detergent dosing is the monitoring of chemical and/or soiling concentration in rinse and wash tanks. Simple systems which do not take this into consideration rapidly lose washing efficiency as tanks become contaminated and detergent concentration drops during repeated wash cycles. For this reason Williamson Pumps can offer their expertise in concentration and contaminant monitoring systems - conductivity is the favoured method of monitoring and controlling detergent or contaminant concentration and we have many years expertise in these field. Contact Us to discuss your particular application and we will offer the most appropriate solution.

Other factors which often need to be taken into account when developing detergent dosing systems are drum empty sensors and alarms (often essential to ensure the operator is alerted when detergent supply runs low) and flow sensors to monitor fluid flow through systems to ensure, for example, that blockages or leaks are spotted before they effect the function of the machine.

For detailed specification on our off-the-shelf range of pumps and dosing units please visit the Products section of our site. Here you can view details of some of the detergent pumps and dosing units we supply to many customers on a regular basis. We also supply a number of large customers worldwide with custom designed detergent dosing systems incorporating conductivity monitoring with temperature compensation options if required. For information on these more complex detergent dosing systems or to discuss your own particular systems please Contact Us.

Here at the Williamson Manufacturing Company Ltd we specialise in the manufacture of small to medium sized dosing and recirculation pumps with many of the core products in our range aimed at the detergent dosing market. Peristaltic pumps in particular have become the pump of choice for many detergent dosing applications as they can handle fluids of varying viscosities, have unrivalled self priming capability (essential when drawing detergent from chemical tanks or containers), can run dry for extended periods of time with no adverse effects, and can cope with the highest concentrations of most chemically aggressive detergents and wash/rinse agents. These can include caustic detergents, low-foam detergent sanitisers, scale inhibiting formulations, and a variety of sanitisers, rinse additives, defoamers and descalers to name but a few.

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